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× 1: Setting the Scene - Portland OR 2: The Murder of Mulugeta Seraw 3: Building Community Defense 4: The Minneapolis Baldies and Anti Racist Action 5: They Thought We Were Everywhere: the Portland ARA 6: House Defense 7: A Research Capacity: The Work of the CHD 8: SHARPer Times 9: The Story of Jon Bair 10: Less Booted, More Suited 11: Nothing is Final Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episodes

a photograph of six young skinheads, with the text: Bonus Episode The Minneapolis Baldies and ARA

It Did Happen Here returns to the Midwest for deeper conversations with veterans of the Minneapolis Baldies and Skinheads of Chicago (SHOC) about what it means to be a Black, Brown or Indigenous person in a predominantly white movement, a woman in a male-dominated movement, how we direct our anti-racism as middle-aged activists, with deep discussion on how experiences with a violent youth have shaped political and personal philosophies.

Bonus: Minneapolis Baldies and ARA Part Two

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an image with the words 'Bonus Episode: It Did Happen Here at the Oregon Historical Society' and some geometrical shapes

This is the audio from a conference It Did Happen Here: Histories of Fighting White Supremacists, recorded on February 25, 2021 and sponsored by the Oregon Historical Society. In this bonus episode our producers join China and Eliza Canty-Jones, as a moderator, to discuss the podcast.

Bonus: It Did Happen Here at the Oregon Historical Society

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a picture of five youths, taken from above, with the words: Bonus Episode: Cultural Organizing with Maximum Rocknroll

How did Anti-Racist Action create a national network without a central dedicated office, staff or phone number? In this episode It Did Happen Here talks to Martin Sprouse, longtime associate and staff member of Maximum Rocknroll about the role of the long-running punk rock zine as a cultural organizing tool for many groups, including ARA.

Bonus Episode: Cultural Organizing with Maximum Rocknroll

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the portraits of Scot Nakagawa and Eric Ward next to one another, with the text 'Bonus Episode: Scot Nakagawa and Eric Ward at the Multnomah County Library'

Scot Nakagawa and Eric Ward talk together at "It Did Happen Here: Nothing is Final", recorded March 4, 2021 at an event sponsored by the Multnomah County Library.

Bonus Episode: Scot Nakagawa and Eric Ward at the Multnomah County Library

a collage of digital materials with the text 'Bonus Episode: Racist recruitment through YouTube'

In this bonus episode, we hear from Coalition for Human Dignity veteran Devin Burghart, now Executive Director of left wing think tank Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Burghart talks about the role of YouTube personalities in the effective radicalization of white nationalists, especially younger viewers.

Bonus Episode: Racist Recruitment through Youtube

an image with 3 portraits of our producers with the text:Bonus Episode: Mic Crenshaw, Celina Flores & Erin Yanke at the Multnomah County Library

The Multnomah County Library sponsored this event, hosted by Enrique Rivera, with the IDHH podcast producers Celina Flores, Mic Crenshaw, and Erin Yanke. They play clips of the podcast, talk about their favorite moments in the process of making the podcast, storytelling, book recommendations, and much more. Thanks to Lyndsey Runyan and Enrique Rivera of the Multnomah County Library.

Bonus Episode: Mic Crenshaw, Celina Flores, and Erin Yanke at the Multnomah County Library

An image with the text 'The Holocaust Denier and the Coalition for Human Dignity' below the text appears a newspaper clipping that says 'Group blasts revisionist historian Irving'

This episode features hosts Mic Crenshaw and Celina Flores as well as Coalition for Human Dignity activists Steve Wasserstrom, Jonathan Mozzochi and Abby Layton. In this special bonus episode we look at how the meticulous collection of data mined for opposition research contributed to a world-famous trial to debunk fascist Holocaust denier David Irving.

Bonus Episode: The Holocaust Denier and the CHD

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